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This is a preliminary website showcasing a game I am working on, a crowning jewel that takes oldschool 90s JRPGs further and into a North American realm, Landra. Landra is the effort solely of myself, Ethan Bowes, to create a game that traverses vast worlds, has detailed 32 bit graphics that are a treasure to behold, with large terrain like giant old growth forests, to medieval castles to industrial projects and fascist/communist/dystopian architecture, it looks like nothing else and has its own distinctive art style. Otherwise, the music is composed by myself, including the highest quality recordings, mixed with modern syths and work-stations, and crisp acoustic bass and guitar, influenced by various genres from shoe-gaze and post/rock, to black metal, to classical, to other traditional soundtracks. All of the game is programmed from scratch in Game Maker, and is an original engine programmed from the ground up.


While I resist giving a deadline, there is much to be done, and it may take years. Originally planned to be a game with similar mechanics to games like Seiken Densetsu or Diablo, with the demo apeing similar games in terms of feel and the structure of the real-time battle system, eventually the battle system will be redefined to be its own beast, with unique mechanics and features such as multiplayer, players movements interacting, sword blocks and gravity in the future.


The storyline and dialogue of the game is the most interesting part: it takes themes of traditionalism, political ideology, and sci-fi that bends reality and meanings of existence. While I will not spoil anything, the characters come across various competing nation states and even realms of the universe, they question who controls them is the world's physical appearance really as it seems, and what are the answers to questions such as capitalism vs socialism, war vs peace, globalism vs the nation-state, to what is reality, what is simulacrum, and is reality really created by the solidarity of people and one vision? Passing through many historical places and times, a visual odyssey, Landra may be released in 2019, but a demo including multiplayer and a large chunk of the story is to be released this December 2017. Thanks for reading.

Duskmortym is a one-man extreme metal band located in the Pacific Northwest, alternating between Victoria B.C to Nelson B.C. Unlike most of his contemporaries, the music is an homage to symphonic black metal of the 90s, but it doesn't stop there, it also builds on other experimental elements, such as celtic, folk, baroque, mediterranean music, and a whole host of other influences. With a unique sound, and with joyous yet dark epic compositions, Duskmortym takes you on a voyage through landscapes and dusk, on a wild hunt.

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