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Duskmortym surfaced in highschool around 2006 as an idea. After enough riffs were written on guitar, I had a crude half of an album of mainly guitar. For the next few years I used the talents of musicians in the local scene. Eventually, after a lot of moving, and with a project going beyond what I had initially planned, in 2010 I decided to do the entire thing by myself.

This ended up taking a long time. At first there was a lot of fooling around, with half-baked experimental tracks and riffs, but eventually the missing gaps were filled in. Two years later I began on the long road that would be mixing and mastering. Finally coming out of that drained but more knowledgable than ever, the first album was released on September 2nd 2014, titled One Night Over the Baltic...

The article could be finished there, until we ask what is the importance of all this? What is the whole meaning behind Duskmortym? The idea behind the project is to create a modern interpretation of the Romantics through metal music, with accompanying poetry influenced in a similar vein to writers like Novalis or Baudelaire.

But what is the band about? Well, it's pretty simple. The glorification of two things: Wilderness, the delight in nature, and the thereby cruel images of the Sublime... and Culture, humans trying to translate nature into physical form, a process one can find from Black Sabbath to Burzum..

One only has to guess what position Duskmortym takes then with our current world, one constantly at war with nature and culture. Whether you hate it or not, Duskmortym transports you into a different world.

Duskmortym is a one-man extreme metal band located in the Pacific Northwest, alternating between Victoria B.C to Nelson B.C. Unlike most of his contemporaries, the music is an homage to symphonic black metal of the 90s, but it doesn't stop there, it also builds on other experimental elements, such as celtic, folk, baroque, mediterranean music, and a whole host of other influences. With a unique sound, and with joyous yet dark epic compositions, Duskmortym takes you on a voyage through landscapes and dusk, on a wild hunt.

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